Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tell Me Some History or Just Some Stories

About these Sheehans who have lived their lives.

  • Winfield R. Sheehan, (1883 - 1945), American film producer and executive.
  • P. A. Sheehan, (1905 - 1996), Irish journalist, lawyer, author: son of D. D. Sheehan.
  • D. D. Sheehan, (1873 - 1948), Irish politician, journalist, and labor leader.
  • Jack Sheehan, (1893 - 1987) America baseball player.
  • John Sheehan, (1844 - 1885) New Zealand politician.
  • Patrick A. Sheehan, (1852 - 1913) Irish Catholic clergyman and author.
  • John C. Sheehan, (1915 - 1992), American chemist.
Who should we add to this list?
Who knows something interesting about these people?

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