Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Had Fun With My Mazda

Most Iranians are informed by the religious reform brought by Zarathustra. He put morality into Religion before Buddha, Jesus, and Mohamed.

He preached that man has the freedom of moral choice. He taught that man did not owe blind obedience, but rather had the responsibility to understand the injunctions of his religion.

He taught that goodness may proceed from good intentions. He supported the value of good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.

He valued highly the knowledge of mans inward relationship with truth.

For him the "Supreme Being" is realized as spirit.

He taught that it is man who has responsibility; that it is the good mind that may divine the truth; the mind may divine the false, less false, the less true; the true. The good mind has the ability to approach the truth.

He conceived of god as the Father of the Good and as the Creator of Truth. He announced his relationship with God to be a bit like this " .... the Good Mind instructed me to adore Him; by His Wisdom let Him teach me about what is best." He asks his listeners to " .... ponder well over all things, weigh my words with care and clear thought."

There are those who believe that in Zarathustra was a scientific spirit and a willing to use truth to unlock the source of power in nature.

Zarathustra seems to ask us to resist untruth and materialism, and to embrace freedom.

Rabindranth Tagore seems to have thought highly of Zarathustra's teachings.


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