Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who Are We?

How do we decide what our will is?
How does one decide?
How do we translate our will to action?
How can we cooperate more effectively?
How can we express our will. if 'we' don't have one?
How do we communicate amongst ourselves?
How do we carry on a dialogue?
How do we discuss our common problems?
How do we clarify a common problem?
How do we tell others what we think individually?
How do we discover what we think collectively?
How do we think collectively?
How do we discover our common will so that we may covern ourselves?
How useless are we if we are quiet?
How are we deciding carefully and in person?
How do we decide matters of life and death?
How do we consider what we might do to live better?
How do we reason together?
How do we understand one another?
How do we participate in our 'we-ness?'
How well can we survive?
How can we do it better?

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