Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Hyperborean Education

In this education dietary suggestions were made. For example millet was recommended for its nutritious qualities. This disciple was urged to avoid foods which acted counter to illumination, purity, and chastity of the soul or which got in the way of temperance or virtue.

Music and poetry were taught. Music was taught as a 'medicine' and an instrument of purification. Music was used to help develop and support mental states of readiness and fitness. Dancing to string instruments was included. Homer and Hesiod were important poets in his teaching.
The theory of music which lead to number and computation, was thought of as coming from sailors, merchants, and astronomers.

Cooperative politics were taught.

Divinity was taught. Nothing real need be hopeless. God first and then my promised word. An oath should be taken as sacred. Things divine can be learned even from the Celt and the Iberian.

Short sayings of the teacher are fine seeds for meditation.

The teacher called philosophy not only a desire for, and a love of, wisdom, but also the science of objectified truth.

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