Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mostly Teddy

I've always thought pretty well of both presidents Roosevelts, but have tended to favor Franklin.

I have admired both of them for their support of the American Labor Movement.

Their last Dutch ancestor was Cornelius V. S. Roosevelt. Cornelius was born in the Netherlands in 1794 and later founded the Chemical Bank of New York which later became Chase Bank. The family got off to a good economic start.

I wonder if Theodore named Sagamore Hill after Wampatuck, who was, it seems, related to the Mattakeeset of Massachusetts Indians and was known English settlers as Josiah Sagamore. Who can tell us more about Sagamore? I believe that he is thought to havre sold the land Boston stands on to the English and that he died leading tribal members to fight Mohawks.

Speaking of Teddy, do you remember the Main?
I heard that in 1976 Admiral Hyman G. Rickover established that the blast on the Main was most likely a large internal explosion cause be spontaneous combustion in inadequately ventilated bituminous coal which then ignited gunpowder in an adjacent magazine.

Wasn't there something about a ship near the beginning of the Viet Nam "war?"

It it was a war in VietNam why was it a police action in Korea?

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