Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Citizen, You Can:

~ enliven our republic,
~ dialogue,
~ practice compromise,
~ choose,
~ practice forming coalitions,
~ be a functional part of the body politic,
~ participate in ongoing National dialogue,
~ educate yourself,
~ have a legal contract with a representative of yours,
~ know more of about our laws and treaties,
~ help another to good citizenship,
~ better know what it means to love your neighbor appropriately,
~ have a representative working for you and yours,
~ have all the needed information,
~ arrange to get the information you need,
~ know that without movement there is no Movement,
~ know who would deny you your legal power,
~ have the freedom to exercise your natural, god given, Constitutional power,
~ know the rights of a citizen,
~ practice your rights,
~ have help in claiming your rights,
~ know that by law citizens have equal rights,
~ its against the law for a rich citizen to have a right another citizen does not,
~ know the laws of citizenship,
~ as as citizen there is very little you have to do,
~ state your ideas of justice,
~ lay out your political sentiments,
~ state new rights you believe you should have,
~ get a new and better representative,
~ have more than one representative.

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