Sunday, November 22, 2009

Early Prussian Stuff

The Bronze Age Prussian culture, like other Bronze Age cultures, cam to be be strongly affected by the Iron Age technology of the La Tene Celtic culture as later as 400 BC.
The strength of the goddess Neringa wasn't protection enough in the face of the numbers in the Celtic migrations.

Scandinavian Viking began controlling trade in and through Prussian territory in about 890 AD. The Hill of Kaup near Wiskiauten may have been their first trading stronghold on the Prussian mainland. The wealth that this Scandinavian trade brought to the eastern isles of Scandinavia probably funded the beginning of the Swedish state.

Truso was an important trading center in Pomeranian Prussia long before the arrival of Scandinavians Viking. I suspect that amber trade with Rome moved through Truso.

Before 98 AD Romans found the Prussians to be more like Britains of that time then like the peoples of what the called Greater Germania. The Romans called the people they found on that Baltic coast Acstii. They noted that they still had very few iron weapons and tools, but still used mostly bronze and even stone.

Linguists believe that the evidence shows that Prussians are more closely related to Estonians, Latvians, and Lithuanians than to almost all other peoples.

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You're really into this if you look for answers to:
Who knows a lot about the Nehugs-Kurisch language? or
How did the Sambians affect the Old Prussians in what became the Duchy of East Prussia.

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