Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Pressure right now 206/120 pr 60. Average pressure is 180/104 pr 57.
I experienced this jump up in pressure after I had been dealing with this diarrhea for over a year.
Most of that time I had been treating that diarrhea as a parasitic infestation when most of the time it probably was not. It took me 17 months to get an America doctor to do cultures. What a waste of time and health!
When I finally got a doctor and a lab to help me the lab through out my first 9 samples because of a dispute with the doctor!
Still have diarrhea.
Have had out of control blood pressure for six months.
Right hip has been giving me a period of really disturbing pain most mornings.

Pressure medication
terazosin 4mg
metoprolol 200 mg
amlodipine 10 mg
enlalapril 40 mg

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