Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Native Thoughts

Some things I've heard that American Indians said:

~ A community that can distinguish itself from the greater society offers greater freedom, more personal fulfillment, and greater survivability.

~ This is my land. I have no other. I am related to this land by birth.

~ Support law and order by supporting the local chapter of the American Civil liberties Union.

~ Action attempted without discussion leads to dissension. Ongoing dialogue leads to harmony and understanding.

~ In this situation whether it is best to fight, coax, or run is probably a question of which is safest.

~ If he is not a friend and has the power to effect my life, that I can firmly grip his Adams apple with one had and his balls with the other comforts me.

~ I purposely show my feelings only to a very good friend, still I may show them to a great enemy.

~ Love is good. However, love may be felt or show for an inferior. A filthy animal may be loved.
Respect may be better than love where justice and equality are important. Reverence is best. I want to feel and demonstrate reverence for myself, my friends, my family, life, and all.

~ Consider well when one should take precedence over another.

~ Your group economy may find a better way to adapt to the economy of the country.

~ In relating to another you must serve that persons desires. If you do otherwise you are doing things to him, not for him.

~ A people should be made of strong individuals, with sound principles of their own choosing.

~ Decide before acting.

~ The function of the community is to protect the individual.

~ I want to be willing to learn from any one.

~ Parents teach their children.

~ Love all living.

~ We are we by speaking our will.

~ An idea may never die of old age.

~ Let's be quiet and listen to our inner urges again.

~ To be consulted and heard, get together.

~ I need no function to justify myself.

~ Trust accumulates.

~ Law is best when it follows the reasoning which comes from talking among ourselves.

~ A weak claim is no claim.

~ Strike for life!

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