Saturday, October 03, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

I've been too ill to take care of business around the place as well as I have been accustom. But, I am not dead and neither is my curiosity.
Looking out the window I saw a flock of large whit birds, not something one sees often on the desert, and went out to investigate. I couldn't see a trace of them. This accrued in mid-morning.

After noting that the birds were not to be seen, I saw the two young coyotes which have been spending a lot of time on the property. They were very close to me. They stopped to take a good look at me. Then I watched as they circled leisurely, and not very cautiously, to my left.

I fear for them. Although they are about full grown, they could benefit from a mother's wisdom. I first saw them earlier this year at night. Then I began to hear them them very near at night and to see their scat and their pad prints very close to the house. I saw one or the other of them morning and evenings while the sun was up.

This morning I heard the neighbors small pack of dogs, usually quit and well behaved, barking long and excitedly. Now, I see them moving around man and dogs in the mid-morning light in a way that will attract a man with a rifle.

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