Monday, November 09, 2009

Adult Education

Important parts of our learning often proceed as follows:
From awareness,
to practice,
to mastery;
in an ongoing recycling process.
We never complete any of those three areas of learning.

The areas on which we train our awareness may well be: body, emotion, thought, and, perhaps, 'knowing.'

Part of our practice may best include meditation and contemplation.

As most of us will continue to relate to others in a society, it will help to consider the nature of justice, ethics, morality as part of our understanding.

After some growth and maturity we may want to reconsider the nature of reality.

What do we get?
Well, maybe .....
The the satisfaction of being in the process.
Raised consciousness.
A set of skills.
the pleasure of approaching mastery.
An improved way of being in the world.
A way of educating yourself.
A life of greater meaning.
And, you get growth of understanding.

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