Monday, November 09, 2009

Bits of Irelands Past

Beneath the peat of County Mayo have been found fields that were cultivated before 3500 BC. Wheat and barley and many other crops were grown in those fields. They may be the oldest actual cultivated fields found on earth to date. There is, of course, much older evidence of agriculture and cultivation on earth, but none that I know that includes in tact fields. It's the peat.

I suspect that there were Sheehans in Bronze Age Ireland long before iron bearing Celts. That might be about 2500 BC.

Who can make the best guess how long Brehon Law has been in Ireland? It's Been long. Some of the terms of the law date back to a time when Welsh and Irish were much more similar. Fenechas, Feni Poets, kept the law in esoteric language. In early Christian times those poets were the social equivalent of Bishops. Changes were made in that law in Christian times to bring it more in accord with Roman and christian law.

Who can tell us a bit of the early history of oats in Ireland?

Let me get a 'comment' from you here. Even a friendly 'Go to Hell' would be appreciated.

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