Friday, October 16, 2009

Happening in the Middle East

Something interesting in the world looks like a Semitic coalition before and against Iranian possession of Atomic weapons.

Most agree that the people of each nation have the right to atomic energy, even if they wish it weren't so.

Israeli people and government are reasonably against having to face an Iran which has atomic weapons too.

Most Arab leaders are little pleased with the prospect of having an Iran armed with atomic weapons as a neighbor. Many justice loving Arabs ask why it is right and fair for Israelis to have atomic weapons and bad for Iranians to have them. Still, even in the name of justice, they cannot be hoping to be surrounded by increased likelihood of mushroom clouds in their neighborhood.

So Semitic people, Arab and Jew, do not want to feel threatened by Persian weapons and so may be tempted to cooperate.

Might such cooperation may prove a boon to the Palestinian people?
Might Arab and Jew benefit by the vision of a new way to cooperate?
Might Jew and Palestinian see such Arab-Jew cooperation as even making a one-nation solution to their problems possible? Could it lead to an acceptable compromise?
Might Arab/Israeli cooperation lessen the chances of armed conflict between Israel and Iran

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