Sunday, April 19, 2009

Family Genealogy

My sister, Gerry, has done a lot of good work on our family genealogy. I suspect that she has wanted to demonstrate that our family tree is awesome. She is in fact putting together an awesome family tree.
She has taken our 'Norwegian line' back many generations. She gives thanks to the record keeping abilities of the tax collectors of foreign ruling powers. Relying on the accuracy of their documentation Gerry has traced out paternal grandmother's line back to the early 1600's in Norway.

Gerry has enjoyed her investigations into our family history as a 'wonderful adventure.'

It seems my interests in her activities have lagged. Now that my traveling days seem to be behind me, I see that I may have easily visited a cousin Gerry found in Nessoden which is just a ferry ride from Oslo. that cousin is the local historian and used to captain the ferry! I don't even know his name or whether he speaks English.


  1. Cousin Harald and all the family have English. As do most, if not all, Norwegians.
    During the years that my Genealogy Website has be on The Internet at least one new Norwegian 'cousin' contacts me every year.
    Cousin Anita, the most recent contact, and our closest common progenitor that was born ca 1650.
    My research really wasn't going for the 'awesome'- but as you noted: 'just the facts'
    Ours were just as ordinary as you and I and one generation - our great-grandparents [and in a couple of cases are great-great-grandparents] - were the most adventurous by coming to America in the mid- and late-1800s!


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