Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving in Human Minds

Thoughts of sustainability are moving in human minds today. Moving in their minds are thoughts such as:
~ All over the earth resources are best used at rates which are sustainable.
~ Resources can be used in ways that cause great scarcity.
~ It is worthwhile to consider a morality of resource use.
~ Humans disturbe a natural replenishment system.
~ It is good and right to provide future generations with an environment no worse that the one we inherited.
~ It seems morally right and possible to avoid placing unfairly high costs on vulnerable populations.
~ Politics can be good for the environment
~ Povety plays a roll in the state of our environment, our earth.
~ Our environment plays a roll in the state of poverty.
~ We need to depend upon political cooperation inorder to reuse and recycle really well.
~ We are all participating.

To get a better idea of how other humans are thinking about earth and their relationships today you might check out some interested and interesting groups such as:
World Health Organization
Give Well
Oxfram International

There are better and brighter groups to check out, but one starts somewhere.

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