Monday, April 20, 2009

Colombia: Hazy Thoughts

Overdoses of laudanum were used for suicide. A bit on the finger to sooth baby's new tooth.

Other than death, what are other irremediable defects of old age?

What about the lovely women?

Between the Santa Fe railroad of Colombia and the Santa Fe railroad of the US is there no connection?

The bolero can't be a kind of waltz, can it?

The Mexican dancing the cumbia does not think of black women dancing slowly by moon lit surf. He does not see her white, her candle, her torch. That was before "Marta La Reina."

I wonder if the taruya still blooms purple/blue in the river backwaters?

How sick is the Great Magdalena River?

Are tangos still danced in the barrios of Medellin? Who dances the bambuco?

Drug wars are a deadly fantasy.

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