Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Personalizing Thoughts About Indians.

I started thinking about American Indians and A Greek Sociology professor and came up with the following curious thoughts.

Many claim to find greater freedom, more personal fulfillment, more survivability and contentment within a community which can distinguish itself from the greater society. I see no reason to resist that claim.

This is my land. I have no other. I am related to this land by birth.

Supporting law and order by supporting the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union seems good.

Action attempted without discussion leads to dissension. Discussion that leads to action may be better than discussion which does not. Ongoing dialogue leads to harmony and understanding.

In this situation whether it is best to fight, coax, or run is probably a question of which is safest.

If he is not a friend and has power to effect my life, knowing that I can grip his Adams apple with one hand and his balls with the other comforts me.

I purposely show my feelings to good friends, still I may show them to a great enemy.

Love is great. However, love may be felt or shown for an 'inferior.' A leprous and particularly untidy pig may be loved. Where justice and equality are valued, respect may be better. Reverence seems best. I want to feel and demonstrate reverence for myself, my friends, my family, life and all. What is your view on the nature of reverence?

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