Monday, April 20, 2009

A Question of Nutrition

How can I tell the quality of my nutrition? I guess if I feel, look, and act healthy, I am probably eating pretty well. What if I don't feel healthy?

What are other tests of good nutrition? Are tests like hair analysis, cytotoxicty, iridology, nutrient-deficiency questionnaires all specious? I've found iridolgy intriguing.

How can I get reliable information? How can I get reliable alternative treatments? If 'alternative' is alternative to that which is know to work, where do I stand?

There is so much to learn that it seems easy to get confused. For example, I am pretty sure that there is good evidence that brain damage and brittle bones is often accompanied by an "unusually" large amount of aluminum in the system. Is that the aluminum in our cooking utensils. Is that the aluminum in underarm deodorant?
I am also pretty sure of the evidence that citrus increases aluminum adsorption by the system.
I guess I shouldn't cook marmalade in an aluminum pot if I value my brain and bones. Of course it seems unwise to eat aluminum, but how about citrus? One can get confused. What are the sources of reliable information?

The view in my mirror and the fit of my clothes tell me that I am not suffering from fat deficiency. Through ongoing advice and personal experience I have found that I benefit by increasing the fiber (we used to call it roughage) in my diet. So I am pleased to hear that dates contain 'no' fat and are one of the highest fiber fruits. And I like them; especially in a malted milk with ice cream. Now when I go to the Indio Date Festival, I can accept the free samples with fewer health concerns.

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