Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lies, Stupidity, Cowardice, Ignorance, Lazyniess, Carelesness

I sometime think of journalist as falsifiers when they say that they can't get the information. But, mostly they are probably just cowardly and stupid. Stupid is worse. It gets you killed first and gets you the news last. Fear is not cowardice. Acting immorally in the face of fear is.

I don't know what to think when I find that they cannot pronounce the words with which they report. For example there is some hell going on in Sri Lanka. There is an 'h' in hell and it is sounded. However there is no "h" in Sri Lanka. Why do very many news readers and announcers pronounce Sri with an 'h?'
The matter of that 'h' should surprise me less. Why? Because many of the people whose profession is the news have forgotten how to say that word. Rather than say 'news,' they say 'noose.' What they are saying for 'noose' I don't yet know. For very many of the recent decades the 's' in news has been pronounced like the 'Z' in Zenobia. While the 's' in noose has been pronounced like the 's' in hiss as in the sound a snake is said to make.

I know that values change, language changes, pronunciation changes, meaning changes. All is change, but not all change has ignorance as its principle motivation

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