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A hundred years after the Spanish and Portuguese had begun to colonize the Americas, Captain John Smith landed in Virginia and founded the first English colony at Jamestown where Indians and colonists used toloache.
Virginia was home to Patrick Henry of "Give me liberty or give me death." fame.
We know that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison of Independence and Constitution fame were Virginians.
Four of the first five American presidents were Virginians.

Why was New England so backward? Why was Boston a backwater while Richmond flowered? The people of Salem may have gotten some toloache. We know they used opiates early on.

Robert E. Lee and the Lee family were Virginians too. Lee's politics were Whig and anti-secessionist. I forget the major Whig positions, but expect to review them.
We know Lee as the Saladin of the South, a gentleman, handsome, educated, dashing. The great general of the South.He was related to the best families of the South. He was a Virginian by heart.
I'm not ready to review his biography here. However I will say that he traveled widely and that he graduated first in his class at the US Military Academy at West Point. He saw action in the Mexican War and chased Comanches (who knew toloache) for more that 1500 miles across Texas. Was he resistant to the guerrilla type tactics found useful in the Revolution.

"Light Horse Harry" Lee of Revolutionary war fame and a Virginian Cavalier was Robert E. Lee's father. Lee's mother, Ann Hill Carter, left Light Horse and Robert was raised by his mother. A mother's boy?

He married well. Mary Anna Randolph Curtis became his wife. Her home is now Arlington National Cemetery. Doesn't pay to lose.

Lee was a handsome young man. He loved the ladies and knew the social protocol of the south well. He was more than a handsome face and a fine figure of man with the accomplishment of a gentleman. He was one of the worlds great military strategist, a hero, a Virginia.

When you say that again pradner, smile.

After the Civil War he devoted himself to higher education. Did he die before Traveler?

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