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Erendira is, touristically speaking, on the Ruta de la Salud (Route of Health) in the Pais de la Monarca (Country of the Monarch Butterfly). Speaking in more normal language, it is in the state of Michoacan on the road between Ciudad Hidalgo and the town of Ucareo on Mex highway 15. On that road, the health route, are many hot water spas and Erendida does not have the best of those waters, but I think it has the most beautiful location among many very pretty locations. Still there are thoes who find the Laguna Larga area at the northern end of the route just as beautiful.
Between Erendidra and Laguna Larga you will find several spas with a variety of services and amenities. The ugliest of them is Los Azufres. The waters and mud of Los Azufres are reputed to be the most curative.
I took a "cabin" at Erendira. The cabin was an architectural delight and nicely furnished and decorated. It had two big bedrooms, one with a king size bed and the other with two full size beds. There was also a day bed in the living room. There was no TV but there was a large screen DVD player. There was no kitchen but there was a nice refrigerator and micro wave. There was also a lovely central fireplace. I got all this for P300 with the peso at about 13 everything taken into account. You might have to pay P500 for it especially on a weekend or holiday. However, if you don't have a reservation on those days you probably won't get it at all.
Food at the restaurant is decent, but a bit expensive for me at $5 - $6 dollars for a complete meal.
By the way there is always someone to get a fire roaring in the fire place and to start your chosen movie for you.

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  1. Bob,
    Thanks for this blog posting; all in all I take this as a recommendation. I'm looking into staying at Erendira for a couple of nights over New Year's. I haven't been able to connect yet with them. Do you have up-to-date contact info? That would be greatly appreciated.

    Sheila in Berkeley, CA

  2. Oops, sorry, Richard!


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