Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not Always Beautiful

From the beautiful setting of Erendira with its beautiful skys and pure air I moved on to the interesting city of Maravatio by way of Ucareao and a rather winding path. All pleasant except for a brush with employees of the wide-spread hydro-electric facilities. Brush was so close that it snapped back one of my outside mirrors.
In Maravatio I took a room in an attractive hotel with an interesting woman manager. Paid only P200, but after a nice meal across the street in was driven out of that nice room within about 3 hours by the repeated, and I believe malicious, slamming of the metal door of the room across from mine. The young woman occupant of that room and I had been laying on my bed trying unsuccessfully to connect my laptop to the hotel wireless. Because we hadn't been introduced and because I found the situation a bit amusing, I said, "Who are you anyway?" I guess my young helper took it badly because shortly began the slamming. My nerves were soon in bad shape.
Left and began a marathon drive of about 35 hours! Drove all of two nights and a good part of two days. Was troubled by an intestinal upset during that time. Still am somewhat troubled by it.

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