Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oyamel, Springs, and Electricity

If you want a nice new and probably quiet place to stay near Erendira the Posada Los Azufres might be the ticket. It is just a bit up the road from Erendida, and though it has no thermal waters of its own, right next door is an older spa with waters nicer than those of Erendida. Erendira waters contain enough algae to put some off and even discolor a white bathing costume a bit. If you have a vehicle all the spas in the area are in easy striking distance. In fact the butterfly sanctuaries aren't that far away.
All of these places are at about the 10,000 ft level with beautiful skies and pure, pure air. The hills and mountainsides are cover with pine and Oyamel, Mexican sacred fir.
Above Laguna Larga you can check out an extensive modern hydrothermal electric complex.

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