Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Don't Know the Future.

I prefer that my knowledge of the past more closely approach truth and reality that it does lies and falsehoods.

By piling up specific, communally shared information children learn to effectively participate in cooperative activities with other members of the community; me too.
I'd rather that the information I shared in be fairly true and real.

If we are in this together I'd like the information we share to be honest and true. I certainly don't it to be a web of falsehoods and lies or even just a lot of mistaken ideas.
I'd like the adults in my group to be able to transmit high quality information to the youth and children who depend upon us.

Isn't a group better off sharing high quality truthful information among its members?

We don't have to fool ourselves, or lie, in order to choose and promote our best traditions.

Honesty is the best policy about what I do know.

Is this a conversation starter?

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