Sunday, March 07, 2010

Around 1500 BC

There was notable seismic upheaval.

The Shang dynasty in China was in full career. Beginning with the Shang we have well documented history of China. Great bronze work was being done. A dictionary of 40,000 characters was printed.

Tin was being mined in England. Phoenicians transported tin from mines in England to places around the Mediterranean. Phoenicians became the predominant trading power in the Mediterranean area.

The library in the Hittite capital had tablets in eight languages.

The Rig- Veda was written in India.

Chiapas de Carzo, an early settlement in Mexico, was founded.

The Dorians conquered the Peloponesus of Greece.

Hammurabi, king of Babylon, published his famous law cod. The Hmmurabic code included guidelines for medical practices and permissible fees for surgeries and treatments. Babylonians were using highly developed geometry as a basis for astronomical measurements. The Zodiac was used as a teaching tool.

Amenemhet III had the Great Labyrinth of Egypt built. A first Suez canal was probably built at this time. Contraceptives were in use in Egypt. A series of labor strikes occurred at Thebes.

Speaking of Labyrinths, the first palace of Minos at Knossos, Crete was built. Minos palace had light and air shafts as well as bathrooms with running water.

Troy was.

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