Sunday, January 03, 2010

Yemen of the Sayhad

Yemen was one of the most important trading and navigation centers on earth. They are associated with the Nabatean Arabs which I have written about, but don't remember where. Check them out in Wikipedia.

People of Yemen enjoyed a high level of culture long before Moses was in Egypt. Later they were central ti the Roman spice trade. The Romans referred to Yemen as Arabia Felix, Happy Arabia.,

The earliest Yemeni culture we know much about besides the Nabataea is the Sabaena, both, I believe, Semitic. They traded far. They traded with Mediterranean people and with Egyptians. They also traded in all of South Asia, the east African Coast,
and much of South East Asia. They were probably carrying on much of this trade 2000 years before Christ. The people of the Sabaena Kingdom were carrying on this trade as late as the first century BC.

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