Monday, January 04, 2010

Words From A Political Despondant

~ I feel I have no effective governmental representation.
~ I haven't seen a representative up close in years.
~ I don't have a usable source of trustworthy information about the activity of government.
~ At one time I felt I could find a way to appropriately trust being informed by my union, but see no brotherhood there now.
~ I have never seen the opportunity to help put together a party platform.
~ I see no creative dialogue on practical social policy.
~ I have not been allowed to follow ballots from where they are marked to where they become a real part of publicly official tally.
~ As I am not in on the nominating process or the bill writing process the ballots lose some of their interest.
~ I am not on a friendly basis with any organization organized to keep tabs on people in power.
~ I often look at a ballot sheet as a menu of items to which I am allergic.
~ I am no longer motivated to 'join' a party because party seems stand for very little today.
~ Parties seem to have no ongoing platforms.
~ Candidates have platforms, but most often prove to be very shaky.
~ I don't know where creative political and social dialogue take place.
~ and on and on.

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