Monday, January 04, 2010

We Recover

The pain in my right leg and hip has diminished. Numbness and buzzing fuzzy feelings have increased. Still have a lot of pain and some loss of function.

I was to have a spinal MRI this afternoon so as to give Dr Levy something to look at. I have just received a call from a representative of the local MRI facility and was told that the machine was down and that I would be called when it is working.

Made an appointment some time ago for a follow up with Dr. Zadeh about the results of my colonoscopy and biopsy of last month. He is unable to see me until next month. I agreed to the colostomy as a step in dealing with my 22 months of diarrhea. Zadeh's nurse told me that I had no polyps and that a biopsy was taken to see if any reasons for my diarrhea might be suggested.

In the mean-time Dr. Levy suggested that I take another treatment of flagyl. I was going to reject the treatment because I had recently had fecal cultures done which came up negative. I remembered my lack of faith in US labs ability to deal with parasites so began the treatment. I completed it about three days ago. I stopped taking Prevalight and have experienced no diarrhea for about two days! First time in nearly two years with no diarrhea when I wasn't taking an anti-diarrhetic for nearly two years!

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