Sunday, January 03, 2010


My good friend Rex has me thinking a bit about the Yemeni Republic.
I've thought a back story might be both interesting and useful. However, some may, at first, think I have gone way to far back. However, your teachers thought it was important that you know your connections to Europe, Rome, Greece, Persia, Egypt and the Sea People. Others thought it important that you understand your connections to the Christian Church, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, and his fathers.

Yemen has formed a republic as we have. It think that it is the only republic on the Arabian Peninsula. The available history of our dealings with Yemen are scant and, in part, depressingly bad. In spite of our not entirely honorable dealings with us, the choose to follow us and France to republicanism. That is they seem to find our philosophy more worthy than our actions.

Yemen has shown as little tendency to theocracy as have we.

To be continued.

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