Sunday, January 03, 2010

NM Notes

As US forces came to dominate what we now call New Mexico the Pueblos tried to revolt again. Cannon of the US artillery slaughtered them. The Indians of the Pueblos and the Mexicans did have the satisfaction of seeing US forces take over the job of fighting the Comanche, Navajo, and Apache they had defended themselves against for so long. That fighting occupied most of the US Army for half a century. American fighting men's blood has ever been offered.

Finally US forces dominated Spanish, Mexican, French, Navajo, Apache, Comanche and all who stood before them in the area.

Treaties made with Indians and with those holding Spanish land grants were pushed aside. Americans made treaties and did not honor them. The land, person, and dignity of others was callously dishonored. Our word was worthless to them.

Still, NM kept much of its beauty even as it seemed to be being exploited to death. American capital financed cattlemen, even Southern cattlemen. Mining corporations were financed. Oilmen were financed.

Even men who seemed to love only money and power came to love that land of enchantment, though not in the same way as did those who came before the Apache and Navajo.

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