Sunday, July 26, 2009

West Balt

I'll probably post a bit of the history, recent and long past, of Prussia, Poland, and Germany, as well as of Ireland and the US, should I live long enough. Then again I might just begin to post some semi-curious information about the the Prussians, Poles, Germans, Norwegians, and Irish and leave it at that.

Not all that long ago Prussia disappeared, with the help of Russia and others, into the lands of Poland and Germany. "Prussia" may sound like Russia, but a Prussian is not a Russian, a German or a Pole. Prussians have rarely like Russians, nor the Russians, Prussians.
Some have said that Prussians are really a kind of German. Some, including some Germans, say that the German state began in Prussia, but It bares repeating, a Prussian is not a German.

In very recent years Prussians have begun to show a renewed spirit of unity where once even existence may have been doubted.
Once Prussians traded and fought in dignity with Romans, vikings and Swedes. Later for a time, they found it difficult to maintain their independence in the face of German, Polish, Lithuanian, and Russian onslaughts. At times they found support from Lithuanians and learned from Poles and Germans. Of Course Germans, Poles, and Lithuanians learned from the Prussians. Prussians learned little love for Russians, but very likely share some Slavic cousins with them.

If you can find north-west Europe on your map, you can probably find the Baltic Sea. The people on the eastern shore of that sea were long called West Balts. Prussians came from these people and their lands are still along that same shore.
The Prussian language, like other languages, has changed over time. Languages disappear and Prussian has come very close to doing so. The Old Baltic language of the Prussians is one of the oldest in Europe.


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