Friday, July 31, 2009

Citizen Thoughts on Killing

You and I can consider the situation and conditions a bit more thoroughly before we decide to kill Panamanians, Iranians, Bosnians, Indochinese, or any other people. It is probably illegal or immoral to kill them and it is certainly very costly. We could look over the alternatives and options before kill, or ask our youth to. We could even look-over the options and alternatives before we pay a stranger to kill. Perhaps we could keep handy a menu of things we can do before we kill.

It makes sense to me to carefully decide to kill, before we kill in deed.

I have heard it said that a people who does not act as though they revere life, cannot revere God.

Others have called it immoral to kill people we fear before we are clear about the validity of that fear.

If, when you say, "I don't think we should kill them." and the other asks, "What makes you think so?" what do you say?

Might it be useful to ask, "Why is it important for us to decide to kill people before doing so?"

I like to kill on purpose. There is just too much off hand killing.

You and I could work out a process for deciding to kill.

One thing we could do as American citizens is to follow our own rule about mass killing. We once agreed to make the decision to war as a government of the people, by the people and for the people by declaring war in a particular way. That way is by telling our representatives in Congress to vote a declaration of war.

We started as a common law nation. It seems that in order to maintain a common law we need a bit more common will. In order to have more common will a bit more common dialogue would help. If we are to be a people we need to share values, assumptions, opinions about things that are important to us.

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