Friday, July 31, 2009

Snake Peeking Around My Dresser

I found myself feeling a bit down. Not even having completed as much of my construction plans here around Camp Thunderbird nor having a compatible red racer in my bedroom seemed able to relieve my melancholic state.
So, I thought to reviver myself by reviving my practice of morning exercise followed by a period of meditation.

I keep a large set of index cards, each card of which contains brief instructions for an exercise I have found interesting and/or effective. I promise to devote myself to exercise for a certain amount of time and draw cards to fill that time. I may, for example, need a half dozen cards to fill and hour of exercise. This morning I decided on 1/2 and hour of exercise, but drew a card that would take an unusually long 40 minutes. I'm flexible and did the 40 minutes, and it was good.

I also have a set of cards suggesting meditations. Many of the cards suggest what I call seed meditations and the one i drew this morning was such a card. It just contained the words, "relate to food."

After exercising i began meditation. Probably to avoid considering my relationship to food i came to focus on "to relate to." I have meditated enough so that i don't usually have to each time raise my consciousness about breathing, and I didn't this time. Because I have not been meditating regularly and because I had decided to return to sitting in a chair to meditate, I did give some attention to good posture and having a relaxed comfortable body as an aid to my active mind.

As I avoided the "food" portion of my seed meditation, I found my mind moving around "relate" as a relative or a relationship as compared to relate as in to tell a story. I found myself being asked, "
What's your story?" and soon, "How does your story relate to reality?"
One of these days I might benefit by becoming more aware of the story I have been telling myself about food.

Anyway, after a bit of exercise and a bit of meditation, I do feel pretty good.

Still, I am moved to actively consider meanings. My blue dictionary suggests that 'relate' has something to do with 'carry back.' What have I carried back from my experience with food? It goes on to say that 'to relate' is to 'tell or to give and account of.' I wonder how mathematically correct it benefits one to be? 'Relate' also means to show or establish logical connection between. What is the logical connection in my mind between me and my food? Can I establish a more logical connection between me and food? This blue dictionary definitely suggests that I can show or establish my casual connections with food retroactively. Better late then never. Lastly, it reminds me that there may be a social or familial relationship. a dictionary sure has a lot to say.
My red dictionary reminds me that 'to relate' implies narration or story. It also reminds me that 'to relate' means to bring into logical and natural association. So, maybe I can use my food story to direct me to a more natural and logical relationship with food. How can I bring myself into a more logical and natural relationship with food? How can I better know the present state of my relationship with food? How might I begin my story?
'Relate to food' sounds like and imperative, 'You, relate to food!' or it could be the simple statement of fact, You relate to food.'
It doesn't seem unreasonable to consider how one relates to food, does it?

I am willing to better consider how I relate to food.

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