Sunday, July 26, 2009

Year One

Year one is so important to us that we have made it two years long: 1BC and 1AD!

What was going on then? The answer to that for that time is the same as it is for any other time, "Everything."
~ The main thing for us is that Jesus was born about that time.
~ Jerusalem was getting modernized. Its new aqueduct had recently come into use.
~ Tiberius, second emperor of Rome, lived.
~ Polaris was about 14 degrees from the north pole.
~ The great Jewish scholar4, Philo of Alexandria(Philo Judaeus)mentioned the negative of the golden Rule.
~ Dead Sea Scrolls were being written.
~ Advanced boat building and gold mining was ongoing in what is now Mindanao, Philippines.
~ Saint John the Baptist was active. He may have been a cousin of Jesus. John's parents were Zackariah, a priest in the temple Elizabeth, a daughter of Aaron.
~ and as we have said, "Everything Else."

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