Saturday, July 25, 2009

Synovial Fluid

A lubricant for bone articulation and useful focus for joint care is synovial fluid. It lubricates, cushions, and carries nutrients. A principle constituent of synovial fluid is hyluronic acid. Seems it is real important to keep that fluid where it is needed. A doctor may treat a painful joint by injecting the fluid there.

We might ask how we can get more of it to where it is needed by ourselves, say, through nutrition or exercise.

There was a time when in many, perhaps most, kitchens a stock pot was kept.Vegetables, meat, fish or fowl were boiled down for later use in soups an sauces.The resulting concentration of nutrients was called stock. One stock was for bone broth where bone ant cartilage was cooked down into as liquid stock.

I have made quite a bit of stock over the years. I still simmer the chicken bones left from cooking a chicken to make tasty chicken soup. In the process of cooking and eating chicken I have noted that i have developed a taste for the ends of leg and thigh bones. Could my body be telling me I need more cartilage?
I also still cook a pork bone well into the beans.

Recently I have heard that bone broth, sell simmered beef,pork, or poultry bones is very rich in hyaluronic acid. Could the gods want us to get the hyaluronicc acid for our synovial fluid from tasty broth rather then from a needle?

I have heard that egg shells and the membrane left in them also contains a high percentage of hyaluronic acid and other nutrients. But I'm chicken about using egg shells for stock. What is left on them bothers me and that which is put on them bothers me even more.

We might benefit by better 'knowing our onions' about egg shells and hyaluronic acid. However, you have my word that bone broth added to soup doesn't hurt the taste a bit.

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