Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Concealed Weapons

Now is the time to ask questions;
because if you:
walk into my house,
come onto my property,
come into my town,
enter my State,
with a concealed weapon,
I am likely to shoot first and ask questions later
and I'm likely to not be the only person to do so.
Sneaking up on me is not part of personal rights, property rights, or State rights.

A man of honor carries a weapon where it can be easily seen.
If you are a decent man you will carry your weapon where I can see it. Men long carried staffs, slings, bows, knives, and swords. Most men carried those weapons where they could be seen. A good man who carried a weapon carried it where it could be seen.
I remember the time when it was not unusual for men to carry sidearms openly in the countryside of California, Arizona, and Nevada; especially in mining country. A man who concealed his weapon was considered to be the lowest form of criminal.
As youngsters we carried rifles downtown. We checked them at the door of the soda fountain or movies theater. We obeyed our law and could not imagine ourselves as a low life gun concealer.

Carry your weapon where I can see it or leave it at home.
I'm for personal rights.
I'm for property rights.
I'm for states rights.
I'm against concealed weapons.
When I'm at home, downtown, or traveling around the State, I don't what to feel I have to shoot first and ask questions later.
Let's ask the questions now.

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