Thursday, July 23, 2009

Taking Care of Ourself

It sometimes seems hard to take care of oneself.
Even little things sometimes seem difficult.
Sometimes every little things seems difficult.
Might it be that taking care of oneself nearly everything?
Finding and keeping a doctor may seem hard.
Keeping a good medical record may seem hard.
Seeing blood pressure jump up for no apparent reason seems hard to deal with.
Realizing that one has had nearly continuous pain for a long time seems hard.
Getting enough exercise to keep metabolism up and weight down seems hard.

Other things seem much easier. for example:
1. taking chicken soup for a cold
2. not getting most vaccinations
3. avoiding protracted bed-rest
4. exercising enough to control restless leg syndrome
5. washing ones hands often
6. drinking plenty of fluids

We don't all find the same things hard or easy, but we all find some things easier than others.

Then there are things that fall in between. For me its:
1. tetanus and diphtheria booster shots
2. icing a headache; putting ice where the pain is.
4. licking a wound.

There are hard and easy things to in situations that don't involve physical health.We also assume the task of taking care of the economic, spiritual, social, political and emotional self. We take care of the home and family self. the church and work self. Where does it all end. We do get to be with the happy satisfied self and to indulge the R and R self.

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