Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What question have you that might relate to 'govern?'
Below are some questions that come to me about "govern" recently:
  • What does it mean to govern oneself?
  • How do they guide themselves?
  • How might I better guide myself?
  • How do we govern ourselves?
  • How can we guide ourselves?
  • What does it mean to rule oneself?
  • What ought we teach our children about governing?
  • Who are we to govern?
  • Why would we rule ourselves?
  • Where might I guide myself?
  • When ought they rule themselves?
  • What does it mean to exercise on-going sovereign authority over you?
  • Who do we govern?
  • What is governance?
  • What is government?
  • What is sovereign authority?
  • Who is the main ruler in your life?
  • Who rules your state?
  • Who says you must pay taxes?
  • What does responsibility have to do with rule.
  • What does direction and orientation have to do with governing?
  • What can you do about it?
  • What's authority?
  • Where is the House of Representatives getting its authority?
  • Who does it seem ought to have the power to decide and determine?
  • Who are the top creators in their lives?
  • How do you cooperate with them?
  • How do the cooperate with you?
  • What do you use for a rudder?
  • Who steers your ship?
  • What does the "ship of state" have to do with a metaphor?
  • Where do you stand?
  • What is a body politic?
  • When might it be politic to ask?
  • When is a politician a bad person?
  • What is a politician?
  • How might a politician be an aid in governance?
  • When did politics become something to avoid?
  • Which responsibilities are best avoided?
  • What do citizens do about their affairs now?
  • How do you know when it is your affair?
  • Where is their body politic?
  • What state are they in.
  • I what way are we in this boat together?

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