Sunday, February 14, 2010

Can't Get to the Drugstor by Myself

No longer am I able to travel by myself. Now it seems I am no longer able to go to the Drugstore by myself.
This morning I headed for Algodones on the boarder. Took care or a few errands locally. The last two were to pick up cash a bank ATM and put gas in the old Astro. As I left the ATM I was called to by a man just a bit younger than I. He had my ATM card in his hand. I thanked him and headed for the gas station. Then I drove down 62 to 10, west on ten, cut over to 8, and on west toward Yuma. Turned south on the Andrade/Algodones cut off, past the new casino across the canal, and began the turn into the Indian parking lot. I was just than that I remembered that I had forgotten my passport. Turn around and headed home. Only got lost once.
I'll try again in the morning.

This is not the first time I have forgotten passport on this trip. Nor is it the first time I nearly lost my debit card. It is the first time I did both on the same trip.
I do have the excuse of being sick and headachy on this trip. However, I have been either sick or headachy or both most of the time for the last two years.
Might be getting close to time to give up.

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