Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bowel Prep Kit

Locked myself out of the house this morning. Car was locked and key was in the house.

Walked to the fire station and rang the bell. No answer. knocked on the door. No answer. Knocked on all the windows and doors available to me. No answer. Banged on the door. Nothing. My plan was not to disturb the firemen nor to exercise myself. I thought that the firemen might help me by letting me use a phone to call a locksmith.

Continued walking. Entered a real estate office run by the widow of the realtor who brokered the deal when I bought this house. She helped me find the number of a locksmith and to dial that number. I had locked my glasses in the house.

The locksmith said that he was on the low desert, but could be back in the area in less than an hour, probably.

Continued walking. Went to the drugstore to pick up a "bowel prep kit" for my coming procedure.

I am in the house now. Paid the locksmith $60, cash.

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