Friday, January 29, 2010

Eyes of Another

To my face and in writing students have described me as:

special, helpful, deserving of best wishes and thanks, deserving of the best of things and of love, an appreciator of student art, nice, a good story teller, worth inviting back, admiring of student ability and accomplishment, one who listens to problems and helps to get them solved, appreciative of student cleverness, being observed and judged as worthy, one who seems ready to appreciate cleaver creativity, liked by Navajo, worth writing to, interested, loved, worthy of blessing, liked, fun, funny, a pleasure to be with, worthy of having a 'crush on,' worth showing off to -- even in French, effective, worth being known by, worth helping, worthy of happiness, an appreciator of good sentences, too talkative, one who sits on the desk inappropriately, one who rocks in a chair too much, a good motivator, one who accept reminders of his bad behaviors with good grace, a nice guy, attentive to all, worth hitting up for some money, a great teacher for a couple of days, terrific, patient(a frequent and surprising comment), worth thanking, a good teacher, one one can learn from, #1, admirable for having a smile for all, deserving of happiness and fulfilled desires, a teacher, caring, one who's work is appreciated, worth being wished happiness, Worth being wished strength, one who shows another how to discover things for oneself, making learning exiting, one understands and appreciates, cultural differences.

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