Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Full Blast"

I have good excuses for the state of my body and for my behavior. Good excuses. I have been ill for nearly two years. Before that I had good excuses too. Further more, as enlightened as I am, I seem to be significantly out of touch with certain motives of mine.

For all of that, I find tat information which seems pertinent to y state sometimes sparks my interest and I am tempted to gather it.

Here is some information which sparked my interest. Its not completely new to many interested in weight loss and fitness; still it may nicely jog your point of view as it did mine.

I am getting this info from n article in Dr. Williams' newsletter, "Alternatives." In part, it might be called interval exercise. The deal with this fat burning activity seems to be, to do about half of a period of exercise at full blast. Williams suggests, for example, if one walks for, say, 5 minutes at a comfortable rate and the walk as fast as you can for 5 minutes, that you will burn 9 times more fat then you would had you continued to walk for 10 minutes at your comfortable rate. He suggests that when riding a bike for exercise, instead of just riding aerobically for an hour, it were better to ride at your normal aerobic rate for 10 minutes and ten to ride full-out for 10 and so alternating complete your hour. The result would be to burn 9 times the fat you would have burned with your regular aerobic exercise!

Similar interval exercise seems also to be better for conditioning the heart and improving overall circulation.

High intensity exercise like weight lifting seems to have an effect similar to full blast intervals. Like full blast intervals, high intensity exercise continues burning fat after the ed of the exercise period for a longer time than many other exercises. They both also seem to raise ones metabolic rate for longer periods of time.

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  1. Don't forget to add that any exercise is 100 per cent better than no exercise at all.
    Does not take much to get out and walk around the block.
    Then later in the day do it all over again.


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