Friday, May 08, 2009

A Teacher Wrote

Recently a wiser, older teacher wrote a bit like this:

People often make decisions based on what they perceive to be fact and not on what is fact. (How do you evaluate the quality of a perception?)

Some of us have received an email that we were thankful to get because of the great information and insight it gave, only to later find out that all or part of it was not factual.

There are those who find it prudent to reserve judgment until the facts are in. (How do you evaluate the veracity of information?) They try to avoid assuming that what they think ought to be true is true.

In times of unease and stress we may tend to to conclude faster than is prudent. It is not always easy to think things through and to reason clearly. However, we may find that we make life more scary than it need be by acting too quickly or by jumping to conclusions.

I am trying to give myself time to develop a clear and accurate mindset. I am remembering to take the time to take the time.

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