Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Excuses For Not Walking

Walking improves my health. I have seen walking prove to be good for my body tone and my general sense of well-being. It has brought down my weight and trimmed my waist. A walking and jogging program I carried out not only reduced my blood pressure, but also brought and end to some frightening angina I had bee experiencing!

Still I am now finding effective excuses for not walking: lack of an interesting place to walk nearby; some nerve damage effecting the feeling in my feet unpleasantly; some recurring hip pain; and some knee pain on steep grades.

I really do not know why I am so resistant to taking care of myself that I do not walk. I do swim occasionally and use a stationary bike more often, but not enough.

I have little hope that this confession will help.

I have thought that I could get much need physical activity by more regularly doing productive physical work.

I haven't given up.

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