Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Around Camp Thunderbird

The neighbor's dogs have been using my woodshed as a killing ground for rabbits. They have had the good grace to eat parts of the rabbits or are taking them home. Most often the heads are gone;so,they may be taking them home as trophies. I may use this activity as motivation to clean out the woodshed and to perhaps tear it down. I have started by painting a large sign with the word "Free" to put out by the road in an attempt to recycle the wood.

I was looking across the the road just before sun-up this morning and saw a largish mammal that I didn't recognize. Neither it's shape or the way it moved seemed reminiscent of the local for. I could of been of the cat family but didn't move or act like the feral cat I've seen around and it seemed a bit too big to be that rather large feral cat. A mystery.

The large handsome desert iguanas are still around. I see their trails and burrows often, but seldom see them. Most often when I do they are moving quickly away from me. Not easy to get a good look at them these days, but do from time to time.

A large number of broad, black beetles showed up a few weeks back. Now they have become speckled with a green of a little plant that attracts them!

'My' cacti continues blossom. Now the pinks and reds dominate and the yellows are seldom seen. One blooms a wonderful bright orange.


  1. Yikes! ! ! ! !
    Lock the doors, draw the shades ! ! !
    Keep a night light on.


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