Monday, April 13, 2009

Tohono O'odham

What's the difference between the Papago/Pima and the Tohono O'odham?
Does O' odham look Irish to you?

The Pima have something to do with sheets, don't they?

Have you seen the new Tohono O'odham National Cultural Center & Museum. I haven't.

Do you know anything about the tribes recent renewed cultural ties with people in Mexico?

The Tohono O'odham may be the largest American Indian nation in the US, except for the Navajo. Have the Tohono O'odham been in this land longer than the Navajo?

Who will go with me to the new museum? It is about 70 miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona? I think that it is very near Sells, Arizona. Sells was thought of as the tribal capital. Organ Pipe National Park is right there. I remember a 7000 year old road heading south (and north) near there. I can almost hear the tiny bells that passed that way. It is an interesting area in which to cross the Mexico/US boarder. Wish I had thought of it coming back this time.

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