Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sitting on a Veranda

I'm in Ciudad Hidalgo, Michoacan waiting to have some washing and ironing done. Cd Hidalgo has good air quality and is surrounded by forest of mostly pine. It is also close to some hot water spas I have visited on earlier trips.
I'm in what was typical of high end motels in Mexico. There is beautifully kept landscaping and gardens. It is a one story affair in the form of a long "U." In the center surrounded by decorative walks is a long reflecting pool.
Nearest the closed end of the "U" is a two story 'bandstand.' On the bottom story is displayed the ruins of an old horse-drawn wagon.
I'm sitting on a veranda which is about 30 feet wide and very long. I look from the comfortable cool of the veranda onto the the fresh sunlit scene before me.
The rooms are just okay. Still the bedding was a bit 'upscale' and it was quiet here last night. Silence is golden and I am grateful for it. In the back there is a swimming pool growing a pretty light green algae in its low water.


  1. Ear Plugs, Richard, ear plugs. ! ! !
    When we go to Branson to see the musci shows we bring our foam ear plugs because it's so loud.
    these foam ear plugs form to the ear and do keep out a bit of the sound.

  2. I have nearly enough foam earplugs to start a wholesale out let. Brought some with me. They do help me a events with loud amplification, but aren't good enough to stop sound of slamming doors or even a softly playing TV. I also have severaly other types of plugs as well as things like shooters muffs and the like.


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