Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am in Patzcuaro, Michoacan. Guess this is my third visit here, but it still feels like the first time.

Arrived tired, yesterday afternoon, after a day and night of nearly nonstop driving. Did stop at a hotel at Tocomen for nearly four hours, but found it too noisy for sleep. I seem to not only to be growing old, but dumb too. Arrived here with my tail dragging, one shock too. Slept well, but awoke a couple of times with a charlyhorse in my right calf. Twenty hours at the accelerator, it seems, was too much for it.

Church bells are still important to people all over Mexico. Their weight, tone, age are important. The strength it takes to toll them is too. As an aid to mindfulness of God and history is also import. There is comfort in hearing and having heard a given bell for 10 or 20 years, or 30 or 50.
One may become well attuned to a give bell after 80 or 90 years.

Memorable on this trip so far is my stay in the old suites on the Malecon in Guaymas, My stay at the French couples place in Tuito, and here, now. The hotel is poorly set up and run, but I like its looks. And, it was quiet last night. I am very grateful for that quiet. The crow of the cocks and the toll of bells this morning were just fine.

I will probably stay here in Patzcuaro in hopes of another night of quiet. Tomorrow I can head for Morelia and look for a decent mechanic and a quiet place to stay. There has been so much tourism here for so long that it is difficult to find decent food. There are Christian and non Christian pilgrimages here to. Pilgrims seem as ignorant of excellence as are tourists. Still, both are often willing to pay well.


  1. What is it about charleyhorses????????
    I got one the other nite. Yikes, I could hardly sit up in bed to put my foot flat on the floor.
    Next day my muscle was a bit sore, HOWEVER, the second day after the 'charley' my lower leg was so sore. After I was inactive for the briefest of time my lower leg would be a stiff as could be. Later that afternoon we hunted up the "Icy-Hot" sports creme and applied it. Next day it was back to normal.

  2. When I attend to what I have been doing prior to a charlyhorse, I usually find that I have been forcing a small set of muscles into
    a very small range of positions for an extended period of time. Don't do that. Thanks for the heads-up about Icy-Hot sports cream.
    Not every one here is a bell lover.
    I've left Morelia and am now in Ciudad Hidalgo ... still Michoacan.
    Sounds like Michigan, doesn't?

  3. I need to get my Atlas out to check on your location.
    My activities did not include anything like driving for a couple dozen hours on end. Just my normal daily routine.
    I can, however, get a charleyhorse by just extending my leg as in stretching - or should I say over extending -
    This is the first time I've sorted to Icy-Hot. But, Hey, it was truly stiff and sore the second day out.

  4. I am in Jimenez, Chihuahua and kind of heading for home. I am past the time to continue this kind of travel.
    Are you still walking regularly? I'm not. Still I am forced to walk a good bit here, even though, like the cowboy tend to ride my horse to the bar across the street.



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