Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Affirmations Tie to Thai

I was just posting some affirmations to my Affirmation blog form the notebook I am making use of today. The first part of this particular note contains notes of mine on Thai vocabulary and very rudimentary pronunciation.
I has taken me a little over a half a century to learn my √≠mperfectismo´Spanish. Thai writing and pronunciation both seem much more difficult to try to learn than does Spanish. It seems more difficult than pronouncing in French or writing in Japanese. The culture comes with the territory. I have slowed a bit so I expect that it would take me well over a half century to get a good grasp on the Thai language. A man could run out of time!

I hope that you have checked out my "Affirmations" blog. May not excite immediate interest, but there is good stuff there. I have learned something about making my kind of affirming pay. You may find something there to make yours pay more systematically. My affirmations are aimed at me with goodwill and honesty. An interested party might learn a great deal about me not otherwise available and perhaps a bit about mankind in general. I try to include a bit of wisdom.
You could benefit. Click on: htt://afirmationsofmine.blogspot.com

I will offer elementary Thai vocab notes below:
The word "mai" (in my phonetic spelling) may be used in the place of 20 or so English words. Great, one for 20! It is true that "mai" may be used for most of the verbs used to initiate questions in English and to ask for yes and no answers in Thai. However I write it as "mai" which is close to its pronunciation in accord with Latin phonetics, but there are, at least, four other variations; inflections one might say. For example, "mai" for "new" is not inflected like the question "mai." And, the "mai" for "no" or "not" is not inflected like the proceeding "Mai"s. Then there is the "mai" meaning "wood" which is bit like a strongly defined English diphthong.

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