Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Boot in My Tire

Damaged a tire on the Astro with some bad driving on a bad road. Did get some great mountain views.

Spent a couple of very pleasant hours with Don Gorge. He is older, blinder, and weaker than I am. Enjoyed his talk and point of view. The part we both enjoyed most was feeding his fish. Mostly as a hobby, or, as he says, a therapy, he has a sizable and very productive fish farm. He grows bagre and tilapia. That's a kind of catfish and tilapia.

I feel I am paying too much for my experience here a El Hotelito del Jardin. The locals are deeply shocked when they here what I am paying. I am treated well enough. If you have an artsy bent, a leaning toward the high art of home decoration, and an appreciation of things French, you would love the place.

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